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The new pro-EU group in Welwyn Hatfield
29 Aug, 2019

It has been an exciting few weeks since a small group of people who care about what damage Brexit might do to this country met up at The Two Willows in Welwyn Garden City to talk about how we might work together as volunteers.

We first met on 17 July, it was the initiative of one of the most successful European Movement branches in the country and a neighbour of ours – St Albans for Europe. By writing to individuals in the Welwyn Hatfield area who had expressed an interest in the People’s Vote campaign or were members of their own parent organisation - the European Movement – the St Albans group invited like-minded people to a meeting to discuss what they could do to help create awareness of the risks posed by Brexit in Welwyn Hatfield.

With immediate interest and energy, a small core team was agreed – Burkhard Kloss and Tom Brown as Co-Chairs, Paul Eldred as Treasurer and Carole Luck as Secretary – and with the help of other volunteers a new branch of the European Movement was established: Welwyn Hatfield for Europe.

Now with our own website, a Facebook Page and Twitter profile we aim to reach as many like-minded people in Welwyn Hatfield with our message as we can. We are also keen to engage with people who voted Leave in June 2016 but did not vote for what was negotiated by Theresa May’s government or, worse, a No Deal Brexit.

Quickly two Action Day dates were agreed to begin street campaigning. In August, across two Saturday market days, and only for four hours each day, we’ve engaged with almost 500 people who support our demand for a People’s Vote. The local press also showed interest by writing this feature article about our campaigning – this was a half-page piece in the 14 August edition.

More events are planned for September so keep checking our events page for our latest up-dates and do come along to our evening meetings too, the next one will be held on Wednesday 4 September at 8pm in Humphrey’s Café and Bar at Campus West.

When we first met on that Wednesday in July we did not know what lay ahead we just knew it would be bad for our country, we are now campaigning not only for a People’s Vote but also against Prime Minister Johnson’s late August move to prorogue Parliament. Do join in our active campaigning if you can or, if you prefer, simply join the European Movement here for £3 each month this helps to provide materials and support for the campaigning and a small percentage is paid to your local European Movement group.